Explore Unique Coverage Solutions in California

At HRI Agency, we recognize that everyone has unique insurance needs that may not be covered under standard policies. That’s why we offer a variety of miscellaneous personal insurance services in California tailored to protect against the less common, but equally important, risks that you and your family may face.

Our Additional Personal Insurance Services

We provide specialized insurance options designed to ensure comprehensive protection in all areas of your life, from leisure activities to unforeseen identity theft needs:

Identity Theft Protection

Safeguard your personal information with coverage that helps monitor and restore your identity.

Special Events Insurance

Host your events without worry. We help you find coverage that protects against liabilities and financial losses from cancellations or mishaps during special occasions.

Personal Umbrella Insurance

Provides an additional layer of security, offering extended liability coverage beyond existing limits and coverages of other policies. This ensures that your assets and future are safeguarded against large claims or lawsuits.

Why Choose HRI Agency for Your Additional Insurance Needs?

Tailored Policies

Our wide range of niche insurance products are designed to provide targeted protection for specific aspects of your life.

Seamless Integration

Our umbrella policies integrate smoothly with your existing policies to provide continuous coverage without gaps.

Expert Guidance

Navigating the complexities of unique insurance options can be challenging. Our experienced agents are here to provide personalized advice and help you understand the benefits of each specialized policy.

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Interested in Expanding Your Coverage?

Don’t wait until it’s too late to think about additional liability coverage. Contact HRI Agency today to discuss how our additional insurance options can fit into your risk management strategy and protect what matters most to you.